Top 5 websites to get Serie A News and Serie A Highlights

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Following our previous post about the Premier League News, we want to give you the list of the best websites for another league. Today, we are going to focus on the Italian League, the Serie A (The Calcio). So, if you are a fan of the Juventus Turin, Inter Milan, Milan AC, Lazio Roma, AS Roma or any other Italian teams, check the following websites to get the best and latests Serie A News or Serie A Highlights.

So, we are going to focus on the Italian football and particularly the Serie A. We are going to give you the top 5 football websites where you can get the top Serie A News and Serie A Highlights. So, if you are a fan of the intensity, tactics of the Serie A and want to check the latest news, goals, highlights, photos, videos, calendar or rankings from teams like AS Roma, Sampdoria Genoa, Juventus Turin, Lazio, Milan AC or any other Serie A teams, this is where you will find the best ressources.

We selected for you the top Serie A websites all Italian league or club fans should know about. Try them out and let us know what do you think about our compilation.


Serie A News and Highlights


Football Italia –> Serie A News, fixtures, results and the latest Italian football information
football-italia-serie-a-news-fixturesHow to talk about Italian football without mentioning Football Italia. Football Italia is a classic and there is no doubt that you should check it to get news from the Serie A with ranking, calendar, goals in videos, fixtures, highlights… With Football Italia, you’re going to get all you need from Serie A. I guess you know it already but if you don’t, give it a try!



Stadium Mastro –> Latest Serie A News & Videos
stadium-mastro-serie-a-news-videosHow can we talk about the Serie A news, videos or highlights without mentioning Stadium Mastro. On Stadium Mastro you will get all the official news of the Serie A as well as great original content. We love Stadium Mastro because the website is easy to navigate and they share great content. If you want to watch any highlights, videos, goals or conferences from the Italian league, Stadium Mastro should be on your bucket list.



Four Four Two –> Serie A

four-four-two-serie-aFour Four Two is a very special kind of website to follow the Serie A. 4-4-2 is on our list thanks to its originality. The way the articles are ranked are not by date but by popularity. This is a great ressource to find the most popular articles, news, video or highlights you might have missed.



Tribal Football –> Serie A News, transfers, videos & more

tribal-football-serie-a-news-transfer-videosTribal Football is not obviously specialised for the Italian league but we found out that they share and curate great content for the Serie A. Indeed, if you want to follow teams like Juventus Turin, get the ranking of the Serie A, know the latest Serie A news, or watch the last weekend highlights, Tribal football should answer all your worries.


Football Addict –> Serie A News – Serie A Highlights
football-addict-serie-a-news-serie-a-highlightsAs a football aggregator, you probably know News Now. But if you are like us, you probably think that News Now is overrated, their design looks like a website from the 90s. So, for you we found Football Addict. The idea is the same as News Now in the way that it is a football aggregator. However, Football Addict has a great web design coupled with an iOS and Android app. Therefore, to get all the Serie A News and Serie A highlights, your best aggregator choice should be Football Addict.


We hope that from now on, you will follow our advice and get the top Serie A news and Serie A highlights on the web from our recommendations. Don’t hesitate to recommend us some other websites to our Serie A list.

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