Top 4 websites for Premier League News and Premier League Highlights

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For our 2nd post, we are going to focus on the English football and particularly the Premier League. We want to give you the top 4 football websites where you can get the best Premier League News and Premier League Highlights. Therefore, if you are a fan of the intensity of the Premier League and want to check the latest news, highlights, photos, videos, calendar, goals or rankings from teams like Man United, Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton, Aston Villa, Leicester or any other Premier League teams, this is below that you will find the best ressources.

We compiled for you the top Premier League websites all Premier League fans should know about. Give them all a try and let us know what do you think about our suggestions. If you have any other suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Premier League News and Highlights

Sky Sports – Premier League News – Latest News & Highlights

sky-sports-premier-league-news-highlightsSky Sports is a classic but there is no doubt for us that this is a must to watch the Premier League. With Sky Sports, you will get all the news, videos, highlights you need about the Premier League even rumors or conferences. I am sure you know it already but if you don’t, give it a try!



Premier League – Premier League Football News, Fixtures, Scores & Results

premier-league-website-news-scores-highlights-fixturesHow can we talk about the Premier League news without even mentioning the official Premier League website. On Premier League you will get all the official news of the league. However, if you like to know gossips or unofficial football news, you might want to try another website.


Football Addict – Premier League News – Premier League Highlights

football-addict-premier-league-news-highlightsFootball Addict, if you don’t know it already is probably the best football aggregator on Internet. The concept is similar as News Now but Football Addict offers a more user-friendly design and user experience. To get Premier League news, highlights but also videos, calendar, ranking and more, you should try Football Addict now.


ESPN FC – English Premier League News and Scores
espn-fc-football-news-scoresESPN FC is the “North American” equivalent to Sky Sports. The Premier League news are complete, you get scores live, you can replay games or goals. If you prefer football to be called soccer, then ESPN is the place for you to get the Premier League news.


This is the end of our post about where to find the top Premier League news and Premier League highlights on the web. We hope this list helps you to get all the news from Premier League that you’re looking for.

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