Mourinho humiliated by Antonio Conte and Chelsea

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If you followed Manchester United news and results as well as the Chelsea FC news, you already know that Man United lost 4-0 against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. José Mourinho was returning to Stamford Bridge and has lived a terrible humiliation where he was called “The Special One”. This match was also opposing 2 new coaches: Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte. It’s without a doubt that Conte and Chelsea won the battle. Mourinho humiliated by Antonio Conte and Chelsea because of the score is one thing.

Mourinho also accused Antonio Conte to humiliate him after enduring his worst defeat in the English Premier League. The nightmare started only after 30 seconds for the fasters goal in the EPL this year from Pedro. Mourinho, as he usually does, doesn’t take the fault but accuse his defence making amazing mistakes. After N’Golo Kanté scored Chelsea’s 4th goal, Conte confronted Mourinho who felt humiliated. But isn’t it Mourinho’s own fault?

Jose Mourinho who was coach of Inter Milan and totally fluent in Italian, then spoke to Antonio Conte telling him to behave with respect and stop trying to humiliate him where he was previously adored. Antonio Conte denied any bad intentions and said he was just extremely happy to give such a great victory to the fans. It feels like Mourinho didn’t want to take responsibility and tried to distract the media from the real problem: Mourinho is failing so far in bringing his philosophy to Man United squad. He even admitted that Manchester United could destroy his “Special One” status.


The impatience and angriness of Mourinho proves one more time that there is a major problem in his Manchester United team and is not able to fix it so far.

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