You know you are a Leo Messi fan when…

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You know you are a Leo Messi fan when…
He is your Leo Messi, you love him! With a bit of irony and sarcasm, we are going to see if you are a real Leo Messi Fan. If you recognize yourself in the following statements, you definitely are one.
… tattoos + discolored hair + red beard, you find it stylish … So what? We do not have the right to a delayed adolescent crisis?

… you are anti-conformist.

… you know that the real boss of Barça is not called Luis Enrique nor Josep Maria Bartolomeu.

… you don’t go to sleep without checking FC Barcelona news, highlights and results.

… Omar da Fonseca is your favorite poet.

… you like to hit the ball.

… you do not like football, but victories.

… you do not like Cristiano Ronaldo.

… you do not like the Portuguese very much… or at least you prefer Argentineans.

… always live his adolescence. Even in your thirties.

… you too, have already left your work before returning a few weeks later.

… you have the same girl since you are 15yo.

… you have not forgotten that she alone wanted you at the time.

… you are convinced that all South Americans get along just fine.

… you know that it is more important to be performing in club than in selection.

… you often say you have your village in your heart, even if you hardly ever go back there.

… your favorite, in Olive and Benji, well it was Oliver. Because Mark, though, was too bad.

… you were a fan of Michael Owen in 2001.

… you still believe in Santa Claus, the tooth Fairy, the Easter bunny and God.

… you know it’s not size that matters after all.

… you plants fifty goals at the time of the votes of the Ballon d’or.

… you thank everyone, except your only real rival.

… you were injured for the finale of the Champions League in 2006.

… you do not have too much conversation, but everybody wants to talk to you.

… you think Pepe is wicked.

… your body is made of titanium.

… you do not like Mourinho, Zlatan, Chelsea, the Real Madrid, Darth Vador…

… you still live with your mother at 25.

… you do not like cheaters. Except for Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba and Gerard Piqué. They, they still have good background.

… once you stole money into your grandmother’s wallet. You did not sleep at night.

… you are against those who think that growth hormones are drugs or doping.

… at the McDonalds, you negotiated to take a Happy Meal.

… you think life is like a box of chocolates.

… you prefer to stand on public transport.

… your parents warn you a few months in advance of the deadline to pay your taxes.

… dairy products are your friends for life.

… with your first salary, you bought a used bike.

… once, the guardian of your building asked you to pick up something, you obeyed him and then you lobed him.

… besides, you want to take a nap after reading this article.

… you like football. Quite simply.

Hope you recognized yourself and you now know that you are a real Leo Messi fan.

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