Top 5 websites to check Football News and Highlights

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For our first post, at All Football News, we want to take a look at the top 5 football websites if you want to follow football news and highlights, images, videos, goals, schedule, rankings and more.

We compiled below the top football websites all football fans should know about. They are all different, some are aggregators, some specialize in videos, others in results or streaming, some talk about national teams, some are broader. But all of them has one point in particular, they give quality to following football news.


Football News and Highlights


Football 365 – Football news, views, gossip and More

football-365-news-screenWe are not going to be so original here but we have to say Football 365. It is a classic with a huge fan base. You find pretty much anything you want with Football 365. They create great content, the articles are well written and updated. If you don’t know it already, you need to try it.


Fifa – Fédération Internationale de Football Association

fifa-football-news-screenFIFA, is the international association of football. This is an obvious one but how can’t we include the official Fifa website on our list. This is a specialised website of course but you will be updated on all Fifa news, especially the official football news (Maybe not the internal affairs or gossips though)


Football Addict – Football News – Football Highlights

football-addict-news-screenThis might be our surprise of our ranking as it is not as famous as the other ones. However, Football Addict is probably the best football aggregator around. You will get all the football news from the best sources. Give it a try to easily follow all the football news from your favorite clubs, leagues or national teams.


Goal – Latest World Soccer News & Standings

goal-football-news-screenWe would say that Goal is the American equivalent to Football 365. The news are pretty much the same with an International vision. The content is also updated as news come. They base most of their articles on the European leagues like Premier League or Bundesliga but all have a great section to follow the MLS League. The great advantage of this website is that it is translated in many languages.


BBC Football – Football BBC Sport

bbc-football-news-screenBBC is obviously not a full sport website and even less a 100% football website. But, it is without any doubt that we rank BBC is our Top 5 Football News and Highlights post  as they offer great statistics, interviews, rumours, results or videos about football. Their football section is in our opinion of great value for their readers especially if you are a Premier League fans and want to know news about Man United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester, Man City, Everton, Tottenham or any other teams.


This was our post about where to find the top football news and highlights on Internet. We hope you like it and keep enjoying football!

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