The slow football career decline of Alvaro Arbeloa at West Ham

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Not in the plans of Slaven Bilić (the manager of West Ham), Alvaro Arbeloa is only during figuration since his arrival at West Ham. A predictable nightmare, as its football career decline has been felt for a few months and this announces the end of career soon.

Transferred for free from Real Madrid at West Ham this summer when he was a key element at AC Milan and Espanyol, Alvaro Arbeloa played the invisible man in the English Premier League since the beginning of the season. Yet we talking about a football player who had a great career and resume: 2 Champions League titles (2014 and 2016), another C1 final in 2007 (lost, this time), a Liga title (2012), 2 Spanish Cups (2011 and 2014), a Spanish Super Cup (2012) and a club world Cup (2014). Not to mention that he won two Euros (2008 and 2012) with the Spanish national team, intersected with a World Cup (2010). A winner who was at the right time at the right place.

But then, a late carrer success is not on his CV. Exceeded hierarchically by Daniel Carvajal, Alvaro Arbeloa, the native of Salamanca who had spent 7 long years in Madrid has opted for the raw environmental change by signing with the West Ham Hammers.

Alvaro Arbeloa had this to say when signing for West Ham: “This is a great opportunity to be back in the English Premier League, a fantastic championship”. Indeed, in the past he was a player of Liverpool FC between 2007 and 2009.
Not even 200 minutes and 2 cards
Alvaro Arbeloa has no opportunity to show his level, since he barely played 2 games in the English Premier League with a total of only 173 minutes played in the Premier League since he arrived (Plus, when he played, the West Ham United FC scores and results were not brilliant). Just enough time to get 2 yellow cards. This proves the serenity of the man.

Therefore, the one who was given a month in August to return to the top. But, the slow and real slow football career decline from the Spanish player is far from new. He actually started a while ago. Since its heyday in the Real Madrid, which can be between 2009 and 2013 (over 4,100 minutes spent on the field per year on average), Álvaro Arbeloa spent less and less time on the field: 2013-2014 (2711 minutes) and 2014-2015 (1933 minutes).
West Ham will be your tomb
Last season, he only played 9 games for a total of 532 minutes… just sad. And this was not because of any injury, but because his game level was not enough for Rafael Benítez or Zinedine Zidane. Vicente del Bosque had also followed its peers on this point, since he had decided to dismiss the defender of selection in 2014, depriving the World Cup in Brazil while he was still the holder of the right wing of the Roja at Euro 2012.

Alvaro Arbeloa had this to say: “In Madrid, you have everything, Valdebebas (the training center of the Real Madrid) is unique. Here, at West Ham, this is a little different. I took time to decide because I wanted to be sure of myself. When leaving Real Madrid, it was very complicated. It’s hard to make a choice, that’s down from heaven to go on normal land.” confided the 33-yearls-old man to Daily Mail.

We believe this is a pity for a player with such a great career to have a slow decline. We hope he recovers his level before the end of the season.

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