Top 3 websites to get Exeter City FC football news

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Today is going to be a special post. Indeed, after giving you the best websites to get Man United news, Celtic FC news & Celtic FC results as well as Liverpool FC news, I want to focus on another league but especially on another level to give a try. I want to focus on the League Two today and more precisely the team of Exeter City Football Club. Yes, you’ve heard it well, I am going to write a blog post about Exeter City FC football news. Most of you probably don’t know but Exeter City FC is an historic club founded in 1901 under the name of St Sidwell’s and renamed Exeter City FC in 1904. I am not going to give you the whole history of Exeter football club, so you can find it here.

No, today I want to give you the best 3 websites to find all the Exeter City FC football news you are looking for. If you are not a fan of Exeter City FC, you might still be interested by those websites though. Hope you will enjoy my uncommon article.


Exeter City FC news

Exeter City FC news – Official Website
exeter-city-fc-newsIf you are a fan of Exeter City FC, you might know the official website of the football team. You can find here all the results, news, highlights from the male team but also from the female team.




Latest Exeter Football News – Exeter express and Echo
latest-exeter-football-news-exeter-express-and-echoExeter Express and Echo is the official newspaper of the city of Exeter. This is not surprising that they have a great section about their football team. If you want to follow Exeter City FC football news as well as the news from the city of Exeter, this is here.



Exeter City FC News – Exeter City FC Results – Highlights – Schedule – Football Addict
exeter-city-fc-news-results-highlights-football-addictFootball Addict is the top football aggregator when it comes to lower division teams. Therefore, this is not a surprise to see them in our ranking. To get all the Exeter City FC football news, results, calendar, videos, goals, highlights or even gossips or rumours, try Football Addict.



We let you here. This was our special post about Exeter. If you ever go there or if you want to follow Exeter City FC football news, you now know where to get it.

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