Top 3 websites to have Celtic FC news & Celtic FC results

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Now that I gave you the best websites to get Man United news and Liverpool FC news, I want to go to another league than the Premier. I don’t want to go far, just to Scotland and talk about the Scottish Football league a bit. Today, I am going to give a focus on the Celtic (Sorry if you are a fan of the Rangers, this isn’t here). I will give you the top 3 websites for you to get the best Celtic FC news & Celtic FC results. I sincerely hope you like the list. With these 3 websites (Or apps) you’ll get all the Celtic news you’re looking for. This list is made from personal opinions that I collected over the Internet; then, I made final decision/adjustments with my personal preferences.

So, if you want to get all the news, results, schedule, calendar, goals, gossips or videos from the Celtic FC, check our simple list. For Rangers’s fans, sorry again, I will create a list soon. ?


Celtic FC news & Celtic FC results

Celtic News Now – Celtic FC news and rumours
celtic-news-now-football-fc-resultsIf you are a fan of the Celtic FC, we believe you already know Celtic News Now; this is much different from the website NewsNow (Badly design website by the way but still very popular); no, Celtic News Now is a great website where you can find all the official Celtic FC news such as calendar, results, transfers, schedule, goals, videos as well as gossips.


Celtic – News
celtic-fc-net-football-scotlandThis is usually one or the other. If you don’t follow Celtic News Now, you probably a bigger fan of Celtic FC dot net. It is a similar website with less advertising I’d say and their interface is interesting (Kind of Windows 7 style). Many icons that are lovely to get all the Celtic FC news & Celtic FC results you’re looking for.


Football Addict – Celtic FC news – Celtic FC results – Schedule
celtic-fc-news-football-addict-scottishYou might not now Football Addict but I think you should. If you’re used to check the Scottish football and in particularly the Celtic FC news on News Now, you need to check Football Addict. This is an aggregator (Same as NewsNow but their interface is easier to navigate, the content they curate is more selected and you’ll get a great new way to check all the Celtic FC news, schedule, results, goals, players you want.  The plus of Football Addict is that they have a dedicated app on both Android and iOS.


This was where you could find the top Celtic FC news & Celtic results. We hope you love this list and will check your Celtic FC info on those websites. With these 3 websites, you will not go anywhere else to get your Celtic FC daily dose.

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