The crazy Borussia Dortmund – Legia Warsaw game: 8-4!!!

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Crazy Borussia Dortmund – Legia Warsaw game: 8-4

Yesterday night, in Champions League results, there was a crazy game you didn’t want to miss: Dortmund vs Legia Warsaw. 12 goals have been scored… yes you’ve heard it well. Since the beginning of the season, football experts talk about the crazy Borussia Dortmund offense as well as saying their defense is pretty weak. All this was proven last night.

Borussia Dortmund 8-4 Legia Warsaw
Goals: Kagawa (17th, 18th), Şahin (21st), Dembélé (29th), Reus (32nd, 52nd, 90th +2), Passlack (81st) for Borussia Dortmund // Prijović (10th, 24th), Kucharczyk ), Nikolić (83 ‘) for the Legia Warsaw

Borussia Dortmund offered a memorable football game on Tuesday night against Legia Warsaw, already eliminated. Both teams scored a total of 12 goals, with a victory of the Germans (8-4). This is the new record in the competition, with one more goal than the famous Monaco – La Coruna back in 2003 (8-3). The Borussia will play first place in Group F on the final day against Real Madrid.

The movie of the match
The least we can say is that we did not get bored in Dortmund. The scenario of the meeting quickly went crazy, with an opening of Prijovic on the 10th minuted for the Polish club. Already assured of being qualified in eighth finals, the Borussia is surprised at the beginning of the match by Prijović, stopped in the surface, which beat Weidenfeller of a beautiful outside right. This goal caused Borussia’s goal storm: 3-1 ten minutes later (But everything goes very fast in football, and, despite Götze and Aubameyang on the bench, the locals completely overthrow the game. In two minutes, Kagawa scored a double, each time served by Dembélé. But the Marsupials have so much desire to attack that they forget to defend and Prijović inscribed another goal, before finding the transversal. Some seconds later, Cierzniak missed his exit and cleared the ball in the belly of Şahin which mark in spite of him), then 5-2 after 32 minutes. Too bad, the best defense is the attack. And Dembélé, on fire, puts the premises under the shelter, before the great ghost Marco Reus scored the seventh goal of this first half. The referee can not take it anymore and, just before half-time, he decides to raise his flag – and he’s right – to prevent Pusilic from scoring in a first crazy act like that. At that point, the match was already in history.

The goals continue to rain in the second half with Reus bidding a double and Dembélé a third deciding pass. But the German defense is still not there and Kucharczyk offers a third goal to his team. Before the end, Aubam found the post, while Passlack and Nikolić scored a goal from both sides. And it will be the last of the evening.  After the break, the spectators saw five new goals for a total score: 8-4… hallucinating!

The beautiful evening story goes back to Marco Reus. After six months in the infirmary, he scored 3 goals.

This was definitely a crazy Borussia Dortmund – Legia Warsaw!

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